Tuesday, 12 January 2021

1525 - Something is Rotten!

Its quiet in the German forrest ... 

too quiet!

The peasant mobs (Bauern Rotten) are spreading angst and terror across the lands these days! They burn and loot and no noble seems to be safe before their forks! Last year they executed a noble and his whole household! The Swabian League has quickly put together a force to mop them up! Alas all the Gendarmes and landsknechts are fighting in Italy for the emperor ... but Georg v. Waldsburg has caught up with them and their leader at hill at the edge of a forrest ... will he stamp out the rotten disease of rabble rousing peasants? Will he quench the fire of rebellion?

This Thursday we will know the conclusion to this thriller! 

It has everything in it:

Soon the noise of a busy camp fills the air ...

The rebel leader Thomas Müntzer in talks with somebody noble ....Treason!

Mad Monks!

Crazed "Bauern Rotten" (Peasant mobs)

The Bauern Würger (The Peasant Strangler)

Mercenary Horse and guns

and some renegade Landsknechts as well!

approx set up

Approx set up Peasants left flank

Approx. set up Peasants right flank

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