Wednesday, 7 January 2015

35th Foot (the later Royal Sussex)

Raised in 1701 by the Earl of Donegall, later known as the Belfast Regiment, got their Regimental colours, quelle surprise, from William of Orange and up it went to the Battle of Cadiz under the control of the Royal Navy, then the defence of Gibraltar and the siege of Barcelona, aaand renamed "Gorge's Regiment of Foot" and after that to "Otway's Regiment of Foot" until 1751 they became a number.
In the French Indian War, they were at Fort William (ups, ouch!), but later made it onto the Fields of Abraham, they broke some old friends from Fort Williams, namely the Royal Roussilions. In the War of Independence they took part at Bunker Hill, Long Island and Harlem Heights and finally at the White Plains, by that time probably one of the more battle hardened regiments.

The penultimate British regiment, that is missing in my plans ... but as you know, you can get addicted to painting redcoats!

"Beware of the flowers, 'cause I'm sure they're gonna get you, Yeah!"
John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett, 1977


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    1. Thanks Rodger!
      Now on the list are the 3 Hessian Grenadier Battalions ... a lot to do ... :)

  2. Rather amusingly you'll be playing their decendents tomorrow...

    1. So, I‘m having the pleasure to play the Red-frocks in a Sudan game, hurray!