Thursday, 1 January 2015

Trenton, 26th December 1776

Happy new year, everybody! And a very happy ending for the Grenadiers of Colonel Rall.
We were re-fighting Trenton, yes –  a scenario most would deem futile, because of the odds.
Nevertheless, we tackled the strategic problem and tried to defend/capture Trenton with beverages in our hands!
Angus agreed to mime CinC Washington, while me and Bart played the sub-commanders/ division leaders Sullivan and Greene. Dougie and Andrew agreed to play the Hessians, outnumbered at least 4:1. The scenario objectives were for the American, to take Trenton and to destroy the Hessians completely, while the Hessians just needed to survive for 10 plus 1d6 turns.
The rebels would start and the Hessians could only move once the alarm was sounded, i.e. American units would be within 20" of the guards.
Well it didn't start too well for Washington, Sullivan's division took its time to arrive. Hence, and maybe the influence of a bit of Navy rum, Angus decided to march forward, thus giving the Germans time to get up! and run. Bart, as Brigadier general Greene, was the only one who was actually trying to outmanoeuver the Hessians position, but he blundered off the table for on crucial turn, he would later regret.
Then the American tide splashed over a half deserted village, Jäger, Dragoons and some dampened guns were the only defense of Trenton at this point. Lot's of skirmishing fights flared up, but in the end the snow and failed command rolls hindered the American to close in the Hessians effectively (they rolled a 1, i.e. it was 11 turns only!). (It showed again, that movement can be more important that combat!!)
Yes, Trenton was captured, and maybe some guns, but it wasn‘t the media event the rebel public relation management needed! – so even if it was a tactical draw, it would have been a desaster for Washington!

Angus' rap:
Bart's rap:

Figures are mostly Perry's (plastic and metal) painted by me or Jack (who assisted with the supply of half of the American army, Thanks again Jack!) the terrain was Bart, me and the club.

Trenton at the evening, Rall and his Hessians are drinking Brandy

Brigadier Stirling is arriving with the 1st Brigade

More and more American brigades arrive and Washington orders the attack

Sulivan arrives late and crosses the "Petty's Run"

But the Hessians are already evacuating Trenton

Washington drives his column over the bridge

The American army pours into the village centre

Rally at the orchard, Rall said

The Hessians retreating further minus a few guns, but all their lines intact

The Delawares chasing the Hessians

The German commander censores the encirclement attempt

The 1st Virinia Regiment battles with Rall‘s Grenadiers

Too late too few, the Rebels watch the Hessians dissappear into the icy storm...


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    1. Thanks Rodger, Yes, truly wonderful experience, next year we need only a turkey!