Friday, 23 January 2015

Defending the Rhineland from friends of Düsseldorfers!!!

Again the arch-enemy entered the sacred realm of our beloved Emperor Maximilian, and they were coming for the Rhine!

I played the part of the Generalissimus Maximus and Bart performed more then convincing, as my trusted General de Cavalieribus, on my right flank. And we had a cunning plan, he told me, but he did not reveal this to me as to keep it a secret before the enemy's eye and ears! Hmm - silence is golden!

The Arch-French were played by Paul (the Irish) and Tim, who had a friend in Düsseldorf and even visited this place several times with out any shame! The plot began to thicken! They even forced us to utilise specifically chosen dice, selected for this procedure, out of their own sortiment - scandalous!

Never the less to defend Cologne and the Emperor, we deployed in Hohenzollern'sche oblique order and Bart, the SESWC-Blücher as we know him, attacked full charge into the meek-beer drinker of the other side (comment of the author: "scheel sick", which could be translated as "oblique side" is a Colognian reference (or more derogerative) to the "wrong" side of the Rhine). 

For the considerate gentleman, we were enjoying a manipulated version of Fields of Battle, with a little nod towards the early  16th Century.

According to the His Supreme Cunningness, my centre didn't not flinch or waiver, while under constant Swiss bombardment!!! The Full-metal-Calavieros on the right flank crashed into each other and what then happened, will be for ever shrouded in mystery, the French umpires (if ther ever was an oxymoron) were hectically consulting their rules books and our whole elite of the Rhineland were sent back home! How could that ever happen! The knights of the realm dissapeared, just so off the edge of the table. Treason! 

Then the enemy knights fought my half drunken unaware Landsknechts pike block and attacked and routed them! Also on the other flank I was getting surrounded by a French brigade, but that did not bother me as my brave arquebusiers were shooting and attacking the Swiss centre aaand nearly routing them. 

So even if the Imperials were tactically beaten, according to the still secret plan, we have morally won the battle, for reasons, which of course, cannot be disclosed, but we all strongly agree that is was much fun indeed!

Figures by me and Paul, Terrain by the club and scenario by Technicolor.

The Kaiser's Landsknechte

The Imperial camp

The Knights of the Realm

The order of battle at the beginning

The German gendarmes charge

The Feldschlangen defending the centre

The perfect oblique order

The view from the Kaiser tent

The clash of the titans

... and the German knights were sent home ...

And then the flank attack against the unaware Landsknechte

Still the centre did not fall before the shy Swiss

The heroic moment of my Arquebusiers and then the story abruptly ends ...


  1. Great looking battle, very inspiring. Am I right in assuming that "Fields of Battle" is subset to Piquet?
    How do the rules compare to Warlord Games' Pike&Shotte?

    1. Yep, spot on, AND its really faster – but it needs a little twisting here and there for the era, so for example my arquebusiers were capable of nearly routing large Swiss pike block or the gendarmes were charging my otherwise fit and unoccupied pike block without punishment.

    2. Faster than Pike&Shotte? Now, that's an accomplishment, I say.
      My understanding is that James over at Olicanalad blog is a fan of Piquet and uses it for Italian Wars - so that makes two gamers that inspire me with their batreps. Looks like I need to check out this ruleset...

    3. No, can't say that, but what I meant was it is considerably faster than Piquet. It needs a little tweaking for the era flavour - (unoccupied pike block gets charged in the flank, arquebusiers can nearly defeat a Swiss block ... but that is fine tuning, really) on the other hand, I haven‘t abandoned Pike & Shotte... Thanks for the compliment! Agreed James has a prohibitive well painted collection of superb minis. :)

  2. Fantastic pictures as always, your armies are really impressive!

    1. Thanks for the compliment! This year, hopefully while doing an AWI campaign, I'd like to sort more resources towards the Renaissance. Your WWI and Franco-Prussian battles are impressive and tempting in one!

  3. I agree with Phil. A beautiful scenery, really fantastic!
    Congratulations for the work that took you and for miniatures.
    See you soon

    1. Thank you Simmy! Tomorrow we will have a grant AWI Battle, (where I hope to get a rap out.) Some others will bring miniatures and me alone will bring 400 figures ... excitement!!