Friday, 16 January 2015

Festung Atbarah

Somewhere at the nile after a long day a British brigade wanted to refresh itself at a supply garrison called Atbarah, but as news travel fast in the desert, the Mahdis were already anticipating a possible victory and hoping to intercept and destroy the whole affair d'Anglaise. The Brigade just had to move to the Garrison and then back again to its little garden called Zariba, but at the horizont camels of the Mad Mullah were forming a thin ragged line ...
Bill and Campbell were pressing their advantage and the flanks of their cavallerous units with swift excecution to the centre of the field, between the the spikey Zariba and the sun-baked clay castle, my garrison. Bart and myself had a problem, it seemed. And so it went, Campbell's hordes attacked my castle and Bill tried to over run Bart's hastily crammed up brigade square. The screams of the attacking disenfrenchised Sudanese citizens of Her Majesty's empire soon filled the air and quickly mixed with the noise of rifle shots and the smell of gun powder. The fanatic hordes of the Mahdis came closer to the with British Guards and guns packed citadell, and – were shot to pieces.

Figures by Bart, Campbell and Bill, table-top embellishments by Campbell, Bill and the club. 

Don't miss the complete battle rap, you will find on Bart's site: 

Bill‘s famous Camel attack against the Gardners

more Camels

Bart's square

A view from the Zariba

Tension in the square is mounting (on camels)

The first move of the Mullahs

Campbell ante portas

The gun club

The British  horse tries to escape ...


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Rodger! It was a fabulous game! :)

  2. That was great game Michael. Love your pictures. Especially my square (I need to use this tactic much more often).

    1. Yes, it was. I still believe the Mahdis could need a bit of a beef up, not too much just a pip.

  3. Fantastic looking table and game!

    1. Thanks Phil, I hope we can get a Renaissance game started next week, (if the 3rd man does'nt hop off again). :)

  4. Michael - it was a fun game. The British square proved deadly to my heroic Madhists.

  5. Your Mahdis need a bit more umz. Vitamins maybe? Berserker units? Or maybe some of the units are so whipped up by their leaders, that they ignore breaking friendly units...