Sunday, 29 March 2015

Beutepanzer Markus fünf

Hello, last week I did a test game of "La Petit Guerre" with Paul (the Greek) and I brought some of my figures to show and tell (huzzah!).

I have finished my first platoon (Zug) of Sturmtruppen as well as "Lotti", the notorious Av7, and a small team of flame throwers. I also premiered to show off an unfinished Mark V – which was directly and happily incorporated into an ongoing game of CoC 1918 some of the club were enjoying (see Barts blog:
I was able to finish the Mark V in the meantime – here some fluff:


  1. Great looking figures Michael. I like the view of Mk V now. It is look like normal tank not the brand new from the store ;) Well done!

  2. Of course, one can't play CoC-style "Through Mud and the Blood" without the Mud! Apart from Campbell's Frenchmen all spruced up. ;)