Sunday, 15 March 2015

1918 again

Hello, just wanted to show off some progress of my metal toys lately.  I‘m mostly painting Great War Miniatures for our little 1918 "campaign". I've ordered also some Renegade Miniatures for a gas mask platoon, which got lost royally in the mail, but due to the excellent customer service of Renegade Miniatures they sent me another batch, which I think is worth mentioning.

Another reinforcements are already called for at North-Star Miniatures, including some additional bombers and rifles (you alway realise you miss one of this little buggers AFTER you ordered), and some command and some casualties as barrage or other markers and low and behold another tank. Yes – because I can.

Also I‘m painfully aware that this will delay my AWI campaign, where still 2 Hessian regiments are missing and a 49th Foot (and few 17th Dragoons). And I apologize for that, but I think the same victims are profiteering from my 1918 paint progress.

On the Renaissance front I have to let the Early Reiters (Redoubt) and a magnificent pike block from Pro Gloria (now Warlords) as well as some Perry plastic/ metal mix Landsknechte waiting for paint another half a year.

There‘s too much lead out there, but just let me know, if you would sent me subsidies to finance my life style, I would immediately set up a charity to my benefit.


  1. I like the very dirty look of your figures. You are going into right direction with it. The problem with idea of charity for ourselves is that, that there would be to many of them and with only one supporter - us for us... So you already have it as I too... Very sad...

    1. Thanks Bart! What direction? What Direction can you suggest? Any ideas?