Friday, 13 March 2015

The Triumph of the "Feldschlangen"

Yet again Paul and Tim wanted to know, if they possibly could defeat the Magnificent Maximillian Landsknechts army of mine. This time I let Bart be the CinC, as I felt a bit indecisive that day, rest assured it had absolute nothing to do with the last encounter. (see

Paul recruited the French and Swiss Vanguard, whle I organised the German defense – the goal was to clear the German "Feldlager" (Camp) or to prevent such calamity.

The French plan was just simple to attack, while we tried to wear them down with fire power and then simply open up an cannaeic trap to slaughter them within the boundaries of our outpost.

First the French were slow to organise themselves, but then advanced steadily. To our horror they brought artillery forward and showered our lines. But nothing could break the Spanish guard!

Then first timidly but then more ferocious the Swiss followed the Gascoignian Arquebusiers over the wall. "All Hell Broke Loose" (by the way the name of the rules, we had the pleasure to enjoy) and the ensuing melee left nothing to wish for.

The Swiss elite pike broke into the camp and attacked the Landsknecht pike block and ... didn't do much of damage really, a sign that the times of the Swiss hegemony on the battlefield were counted.

With just one Morale chip and the French Command leaving the table (something about home???) we had to end the battle:

Out of legal reasons, we decided for a victorious draw for the Empire. Yet again the Swiss failed to defeat the Landsknechte!

We all agreed that this was a "Hell lot of fun" and should be repeated if possible.

Figures by Paul and me, splendid terrain embellishment by the club and me.

Another splendid report you can find on Bart‘s blog:

The Initial Set up of the Battle

My corner

Some infernal re-deployment to puzzle the enemy

The Brave and unbeaten Spanish Swordsmen

The enemy advances

The Albanian Associates decide to "advance"

The  Maximillian Feldschlangen give the Gascoinge rabble fire
The French Arquebusiers are in !!!!

A melee ensues between the Arquebusiers in the middle of the camp

Again the French climb the defenses

Just as the Swiss try the same ... 
The chaos inside the breached walls

The Swiss manage to attack the Landsknechts, but to no avail....


  1. Looks like a great renaissance fight!

    1. Oh it was! Thanks to the midlothian bus timetable, the imperials just about saved their face.