Saturday, 21 March 2015

1776 Test Game AWI

Bart and me "tested" some of my campaign rules in a smaller battle using Black Powder rules with minor amends.

The British attacked with one brigade a village/ hamlet only held by a Militia regiment which was crucial to the supply lines of an hypothetical bigger American contingent. The Americans would receive reinforcements from two brigades and a Dragoon scouting unit. The British would get only another Brigade which would be understrength due to forced march attrition and as well an scouting Dragoon. The problem is to relate an effective but still playable AND enjoyable time in turns against different troops coming as battle reinforcements, which relates to the bigger strategic "La Petite Guerre" rules.

In short Bart won as he managed to kill one unit of mine before my reinforcement arrived.
As the turns, we were waiting for troops, were too long for a club night, we will shorten the turn variables form d6 to d4. Units called for battle reinforcements from one hex away will arrive after 1d4 turns, two hexes two d4, and three consecutively three d4. Bringing the maximum time the defender HAS to stay on field to 12 turns. But I will update the campaign rules on a separate site.

As for now it seems Jack, Andrew, Matt, Paul, Bart and Campbell are joining the fray, so I will opt out as Refree/Umpire or if everybody is busy with their other campaigns "helping out" on the one or other side as needed.

Here some battle images:

after the 1st turn set up, Bart rolled a 1!

The Jäger are trying to attack the Riflemen

The Hessian Grenadiers, cumbersome, but steadtfast

The Jäger gets it!

The Hessian Artillery is exchanging shots with their American counterpart

The 2nd American Brigade arrives with their allies

...and tips the balance somewhat

...and finally the British 2nd Brigade with the Grenadiers and LI arrives

but the American are in a formidable position 
at the end we were running out of time, but Bart was convinced he would had carried the day.


  1. Splendid troops as usual, and a very nice looking game!

    1. Thank you Phil! There will be more of that to come once the 1776 Winter campaign will start. ;)

  2. Very nice looking game! Wonderful photos!

  3. Very nice raport Michael (I should put mine tommorow on my blog). I'm very happy with this test, in my opinion everything went very well. During the game we had opportunity to test almost everything and I believe that the camapign in almost ready for play, as soon rest of boys will test the rules. Cannot wait till that day, when we finally start.

    1. Thanks, Bart! I can understand the impatience, but there are still 2 Hessian Regt. to be painted, Paul and Matt need to dig into LPG, and then we need to organise a Sunday game at the club for the "starter" battle. A lot to do. :)

    2. We have a lot of time to do it. So no worries!