Thursday, 4 February 2016

Somewhere in the middle of Spain

We just had to cross the river, they told us, the rest would be a walk in the park ...

I was invited to a Black Powder game with Bill, Bart, Peter and Angus. Bill umpired and took the Scenario out of the Triumphant Albion supplement from Warlords. Bart (as CinC) and me played the French (and Swiss) and And Angus and Peter could play the British and Spanish. They had to defend a city "Cuidad Espanola", four Built up areas, and keep a hill and inflict more damage than us. While we just had to cross the river (1in6 chance after successful command roll) ... and take one quarter of the town within 12 turns. What could go possibly wrong?

I really love river crossing battles, damn thing is just that most of the time, I was the party who had to cross it. Never mind as I was just the sub-ordinant to Bart, I could always blame him.

So we took the 1st two hills on our side of the river and shelled the Brits a bit, or amused them quite nicely – so that they had to withdraw. Then the crossing began, slowly and very painfully. Not one of my regiments arrived un-shaken on the other side. Would the Brits have counterattacked immediately, we would have been slaughtered. Nevertheless we approached the walls of Cuidad Espanola, loosing more and more troops the end of turn 12 came around like a thunder stroke. Bart last attack failed to take one quarter by a slim margin and they had to retreat... A piece of very bloody cake, I must say.

But I enjoyed my forray into the Napoleonics, I must admit. Quite "schicke" uniforms!! Of course the beautifully painted figures (all from Bill) were quite a sight and helped a lot. Also the attack column was a welcome change to my usual AWI diet. Maybe someday I will paint some silly Central German (Rhinebund) regiments (Westphalia, Oh Gott, not them!) ... who knows.

Bart‘s rap:

Bill‘s rap:

My flank, my men, my fortune! 
Our goal

We aim at the perfide Albion!

We actually manage to cross somehow

But too late, we get shelled!

Again and again we throw fresh French at the enemy!

Even Bart‘s Cavalry arrives!

But all in vain they shoot us back to Hell

The last attack that nearly broke in failed in the end - we were done!

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