Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Battle of Snowhill

A fateful decision to make, but he had to take the hill no matter the cost. And immense they would be.  If he would linger too long the British would wrestle him down, If he would attack too soon, they would shot him down. Such was the peril the American General was in that he called for a battle council. Where he explained his strategy and his plans and his tactics. All his staff listen very carefully and after being asked about their gentleman opinion, there was a long and uncomfortable silence. Then his Polish Artillery commander Bartolomeus Hackstech stood up and said: " Its impossible, you're fucked." and left the tent...

I was the American and Paul was playing the Brits this time. While I had about 12 regiments/units on the table he only had 8. We used 'Eve of Battle' again to produce a very different Battle set up.

It was winter, heavy snowfall prevented the first three turns all shooting and the movement would be halved throughout the entire battle. But there was a catch: while I used my card to gain numerical superiority, Paul played a 'Strategic Objective', i.e. he 'bought' with his cards that one single terrain item would be my objective for victory. Also he drawn 'barricades' and 'scouts' and delayed one of my units.
I only had a swamp a river (uncrossable) but  luckily an 'enfilade' which allowed 25% of my units to deploy at either side. But then Paul contered with 'Lost Depeche' which allowed him to re-deploy all of his troops at the end of my deployment. A very powerful card which topples even the 'Enfilade'.

Therefore he deployed the Grenadiers as scouts behind barricades on the hill, which was also a strategic hill, i.e. had a combat bonus for the defenders. His Light Infantry and the Hessians backed up  his right flank behind the hill.

What shall I say, as predicted the first battle movements were a slow, and thanks to some blunders, a very shaky matter. Paul managed to get all his troops into perfect positions, failed at a flank attempt from his Dragoon regiment. Some shots were exchanged, but not real harm was done. Some club friends came along and commented very precisely on my (The American) chances, which were minimal. Nevertheless we like to continue this maybe next time ...
At the end of deployment 
The Hill far far away ...

The Americans attempt to soften up the British flank

More Brits hiding in the woods

The American approaching ...

the American centre
When we stopped the battle

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