Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Continuing Battle of Snowhill

"So you think, I‘m fucked eh? We are never going to take that hill?  For that Insolence, I‘m going to make you Brigadier of the left flank and you are going to attack the British in the woods, if you like it or not!" said the American General to the Polish commander of the Artillery train. "That is an order!" 
All his staff fell silent, everybody knew that this was a death sentence ... but they also knew that their prospects didn‘t look better either...

We continued the last ‘Winter‘ battle where we stopped ... and it looked bleak for the American.

To my aid Bart came along and agreed to take over the left flank of the American wing (two line regiments and one militia).  And even better he came with a battle plan. Never to be shy, he proposed to flank the British on both sides and then to shoot them off the hill!

Gesagt, getan, we agreed on the plan – if I would be able to take out his only artillery, we could, with the help of the rifle men, take the British slowly off the hill, one by one – a siege basically.

So Bart started the attack on the flank, I shot what the barrels could hold on the centre, never to forget to aim for the last British gun, and advanced with my right flank.

The British retreated, the Cavalry nearly out of my flank and stood their ground and took the hits.
They even blew off one single healthy line regiment from my flank attack ... now a failed flank attack!

In between the American got a bit lucky and destroyed the only British Gun.

Then Bart attacked - and his Brigardier got shot with the only line unit out not in the woods - now we just had two commander, and the left flank could only move with the CinC orders ... looked like a failed pincer movement. -  devastating!!!

But then Paul decided to go with his CinC to the cavalry and rally his small Dragoon unit – just to be shot away from my American, badly hit and shaken unit ... and they blew them away, inclusive of the British General and CinC!!!

Now the Battle had truly turned, not only the British could be out gunned and out ranged with two American gun units and one Riflemen unit, the British right flank was immoveable (lacking their CinC also their brigadier). All I need to do was just move my units to the left or centre, and then slowly bombard the hill until no British unit was strong enough to defend hill.

A tactical victory, I probably wouldn‘t have won, if Bart would‘t had got "fresh" air into my demoralised Battle planning. A great game in the end, even with a dead general!!

The Polish flank attack into the woods

The other flank attack ...

The Battle still raging on

The American centre got mauled

The Riflemen moving for a better aim at the Grenadiers

Still more shooting than fighting

The Heroes of the centre - Militia!!!

The British without a gun ...

The Polish flank attack still moving on - even without a Brigadier!


  1. Very nice! Some beautiful troops, and a great background terain!

    1. Thanks Phil, next battle will be me the Redcoats and Paul the Rebels... and a lot of fortified positions ...