Monday, 12 August 2013

Trafalgar! Trafalgar!

Oh du lieber Augustin! And I said wouldn‘t collect any Napoleonics? - In the club a couple of friends decided to buy and built the fleet of Trafalgar in 1:2000 and refight the battle with the rules 'Kiss Me Hardy'. Being said, promptly done?  ... We did some test battles and - I‘m hooked, har har!

But I‘m not mad. I will do some sort of semi-pseudo-super-minimal rigging, just for the sake of saving my sanity. I‘ll leave the ruin of the mind for others.

This is the 1st ship: Le Spaniard Diablo! San Augustin! Ole!

Funny coincidence, I basically grew up on this ship, which is located at the eastern shores of the Rhine and is a small town in fact. Which sounds totally mad, and proves that even the slightest instalment of any rigging has a detrimental effect on my logic.


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  2. Really nice job. By the way the ships are 1/1200.