Thursday, 27 July 2017

God is Belgian or I rather watch "Le tout nouveau testament"...

They forced me to play with naked men and Belgians in bathrobes!

It was ancients Romans against (Belgian) Celts with the magnificent rules "To the Strongest", which is based on a card driven game engine ...  developing their strategems on battle field divided into squares!!! Two of my pet hates!

And as well similar to colonial games,the Romans were all well drilled veterans (all of them) while the rabble (i.e. naked Belgians) were just that. Sounds like a football game to me. At least the set up/scenario had the same complexity.

So Campbell, Angus and Bart played the civilised Carpenters-warriors while me, Peter and Ken hold up the mistletoe for all the savages east of the Rhine!

First Bart attacked with his Cavalry (sorry, horses with Roman allies on it) and failed and then we hacked see-saw like at each other. I even tried to do a flank attack .. ooouuh bad, and stand there for them Romans to take ... but in the end we had the better mayonnaise!  - and we drowned them in it!

(I vow to paint Ancient Germans if anyone sponsors me the plastics and I have never to read these rules!) I'm aware that there is no such a thing as Frederician flank moves in the ancients, but squares ... really? ...

Donec aliter provideatur ...

The set up -  the Roman pointing towards the culprits (later catholic tradition in paintings)
the Roman line 
The Belgian Celts 
Naked men
More naked men and some in bath robes
My "haufen", rotte, my warbands 
Campbells Roman Legionaire Veterans opposing me

The centre of the Belgians 
The finger of defeat pointing at the (soon to be)victors 
the Centre were Peter  pressed Angus‘ Romans
My decimated flank next to a penthouse somewhere near Flanders
Still my Celts are attacking ...
more attacking (and dying)
first continental ancient attempt of an ceilidh 
my last unit after annihilating their opponents and forcing the Romans to break morale


  1. Good looking Romans and celts, nice change for the Romans to lose, so you don't fancy using to the strongest great Italian wars variant then?
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain! Well... each his own, but I do like more fluid movement of units (of course some "friction" is OK), I'd rather enjoy a victory through manoeuvre than through sheer force or luck.