Thursday, 6 July 2017

Obscure Alternatives

This evening we met to test the General d‘Armee, also to see, if it would be any good for the Seven Years War. Angus umpired along MDF Michael played the Hessian Adjutant ... I was to play the Hessians first, but Bart was moaning after the 1st turn, that it was impossible to win and so I offered to switch -  so I ended up to play the French, well alors, merci for the house numbers and eau the cologne!

I just played very christian and hold my left and right cheek to my enemy (my cavalry and my best Grenadiers (die Garde!) to block Barts shooting my train.
To cut it short due to abysmal and phenomenal dicing - it worked. My baggage train reached over the hills my troops and cavalry were storming out of the small town "Siegen" ... but it was already 10 o‘clock so Angus (the undulating umpire) spelled it a draw – Ha! Nothing is impossible if you fight against Hessians! (AWI experience ...) ...

As for the rules, I think they work for Napoleonics (very well), and they have some nice smooth engine innovation, but I can't see them for the Seven Years War just right now. The brigade thing is just sooo different form the lines ... well sorry personal opinion ...

.. as an EXTRA some WIP pics ... of my Renaissance minis to come ....

The small depressive town called Siegen ("winning")

My Hessian all Grenadiers (borrowed AWI von Rall‘s)

Getting the baggage train from right to left (to Siegen) and The French will win

My Hessians are pouring down the hills: Get the train!

The v. Knyphausen (AWI) posing as probably v. Knyphausens ...

The French Garde (Grenadiers) will hold the line!

While the  train sneaks past behind them

And heading for the main hill the town can see the train is coming !!! 
Angus‘ Frenchies opposing MDF Mikes Hessians 
there in the Woods MDF Michael  comes forward ... 
"Die Gare stirbt, aber sie ergibt sich nicht!" Old Colognian carneval quote!

The train passes but no break - they loving it!
Uphill with the mules the town is in sight!
Finally the train passed - now the "Garde" can die ...

But there are new Hessians in the way blocking the street ... (MDF Mike‘s)

Finally Siegen stirs!! Was is schlimmer als verlieren? - Siegen!
Too late the road is blocked
A final 10 minute before 10 cavalry charge against a Napoleonic square  was failing ... OK its a draw!

George, Paul, John and Ringo

Some more plates for the ruthless Borgias ....
and yeees, there is more to come ... even on that base ....


  1. Wow, a nice report with beautiful figures Michael, love this wonderful train on the ♫ Long and winding road ♪ ...My greetings to George, Paul, John and Ringo!

    1. Thank you Phil, yes the road seemed to get longer the longer the battle lasted ... :)

  2. Nice report, nice fab four, I've ended up with the same set up for my levelled pikes and that Perry clergy set is nice I've just posted my version of it!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, yes, the clergy was a long time on my list and of course I couldn't resist and inexplicable they landed in my basket ... I don't know ... it just happened ...