Sunday, 26 January 2020

Sticky Miranda at Ebro 1814

This weeks game was 28mm, Black Powder 2, Bart had prepared a Napoleonic alternative history scenario in the middle of Spain (Alas I have no clues about the historical references or what was left of them in this alternative out set). French and British would arrive at the same time on a road fork, the British trying to escape over the bridge (getting points for each unit) while the French were trying to prevent that. Me and Alisdair played the Wellington schnitzels while Bart and Peter were fighting for a French empire or a free Poland or both.

The start was better than anticipated, even though we weren't getting as far as we should. I had devised a plan again to sacrifice the normal line brigade and while the cavalry held the road open as long as possible our elites would march into town (and over the bridge ultimately). The cavalry just marched on into the village not reaching their defensive positions. Next the French-Polish cavalry charged in - Ouch! Squares were formed, but the enemy artillery was already in spectacular (as in view) positions ... Then I hit the blunder button, my elite brigade scrambled everything up, ready to be scooped up by French horse or guns or attack column. From then it just went downhill really, so that we just decided to reach the town and stay for bit of a fight ... that was when the time was running out.

It was a magnificent game witch spectacular miniature collections (Barts French-Polish and Peters Brits) a real big Napoleonic bash, what could one ask for more? Next time though I should stay with Herr v. Clausewitz and stop making plans, they don't survive the first minutes of battle (even the table top ones) anyway! :)

The French competition

The British lot

Look how far we‘ve got 
... and the enemy!

The British cavalry really wants to go home!

We might just sneak by ...

pretending they not there ... 
our sacrificial line with the gun adjactent ...

Boom! What was that? ... a blunder ...

the last strugglers  will defend the village

The horse gun keeping the entry to the village open by sheer mind force!

again the "Sacrificial lamb brigade" firing at the incoming punters 
end of game no ones leaving this town soon! More tapas then, hey!

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