Saturday, 18 January 2020

The Battle of Soggy Bottom somewhere in England shortly before they killed a King

This week it was 28mm, For King & Parliament, Peter and Campbell, and somesort of a warm up for the upcoming big sunday game a la Edgehill. So Campbell, Mike and Alisdair and Mike were defending the rights of parliament while Bart, me and Peter managed the Kings expectations cavalier like. Bart had the left Horse wing while Peter the right Horse, I was managing the centre and came up with a plan (how German I know ...): an inverted Cannae -  I would march forward and attack while the two flanks stay behind just to wait for the enemy to attack my flanks that they in turn could attack theirs. ... plans...

Bart waited assiduously, while Peter pressed forward nevertheless. I did my part of the plan, made some more or less successful attacks, but then Campbell cavalry saw the gap and charged my veterans in the flank. Bart was too far away to react, maybe he waited on a written invitation, but nevertheless in these rules a flank attack is always fatal. And so the veterans perished, and so the next unit, and the next as well ... a sweeping disaster. 3 out of 5 blocks were gone.

Then I advanced with me untested and greenies and shot Campbells Horse to mud! At least I revenged the loss of my line. But I shalt not fear as for the rest of the game they hold the line vs Mikes six blocks and a gun on a hill. Barts cavalry manoeuvres were a mystical mistery and probably made sense only to himself but he managed to wound Cromwell and exchanged his flank against Campbells.

So it was just down to Peter vs Alisdair and MDF Michael ... well It didn‘t went too well and at the end of the night my greenies still held the line, but lost via points/coins and had more losses than the roundheads so we lost. Even though the simplest of plans are obviously impossible in these club games, I still had a tremendously fun evening!

Guten Abend!

The initial set up

Barts guns towards the Roundheads

My Royal Veterans

My whole brigade

Ammunition ready

Marching forward

still marching forward

the first time we ever did a volley & charge attack of the veterans ... didn't changed much

Then Campbell's Horse swiped the veterans and two other cleanly from the plate

... and another

until my greenies were all that was left


  1. What a great looking battle...and period!

    1. Thanks Phil! Yeah, I'm always tempted to join in (collecting and painting) that period (30YW), but then the uniforms were so brown and all over the place ...