Saturday, 29 February 2020

Irgendwo im nirgendwo ... Ost-Deutschland end of WWII ...

This time it was 54mm, Mikes collection of WW2 Russian and German 'minis', at a village at the end of the war along the road to Berlin maybe ... a scenario from the rulebook of the skirmishing rules ... that I forgot, sorry, but the rules were super easy!

So, while Peter and Alisdair fought for the Endsieg, me and Bart were putting a prematurely end to the 1000yrs Reich. In the middle of the 6x4 table was a bombed-out house, and both parties had to fight over it - a prime objective. The secondary one, was to get a or some men in the deployment zone of the enemy. The third, to kill as much of the enemy as possible - easy!

Bart had a plan, I was storming the house, while his troops and the sniper would sneak around and provide fire cover! My captain was first in the house - the hero of the people! After that, we made sure we won the initiative as much as possible, and every German that dared to show up in the window of the house at their side was shot to pieces.

The HMG42 in particular was a bullet magnet! I guess I shot 3 soldiers in total, I don't know how much Bart killed, but we got in the house with 2 soldiers, Mike, who was umpiring, wanted to do a final count, but Peter just waved by ... we had had lost just one trooper, while only a few Germans, were left and we had the house ... the fall of the reich was a bit nearer and Nikki/Valerie/Petrouschka or Katja or whatever her real name was could file in a positive report for the Stalin ... and we might would get home after all ....

the evil Nazi Germans defending the Reich

The heroic Captain Molotov is the first in the house! 
more comrades show up!

while the other comrades sneak around the ruins

But the Germans are armed with a deadly heavy MG the 42... uofff!

But we have Petrouschka ... or Valerie? ...

I called her Nikki our sniper veteran in the trees!

Comrade Grigory with his SMG giving fire cover for the hero of the people

and another comrade at the edge of the house appeared

whenever a German face appeared in that window we would pull the trigger 
The Captain Molotov jumped and threw a grenade ...

but not much happened ... the 2 Germans were shot before the grenade detonated elsewhere

In the end we had 2 soldiers in the house - victory for the revolution!!!


  1. Fine looking game. Lovely painting of the figures and your photos really do them justice.

    1. Thank you, James! Yes these 54mm skirmish games are quite something different. :)