Tuesday, 25 February 2020

The Battle of Soggy Bottom repeat - ECW

It was 28mm, and right in the English Civil War, while using "For King And Parliament" - our Sunday game ... Bart was the King and Campbell the Cromwell.

It looked like a nice uneventful afternoon so I decided to be Parlamentarian, with a couple of Pike&Shotte units bang in the middle not much to do just advance and weathering it out, while the Horse flanks will decide the battle.

But then in our war council, it was revealed how few and shitty our cavalry was and they would be expected to be run over soon ... any minute  -  so the infantry had to save the day, and act quick ...

So as I advanced with the lot in line, the King‘s veterans came closer nearly shot Campbell‘s Cromwell away... juuust about it.

Then we advanced and shot and advanced and shot, slowly grinding them down, and at the end I just shot and charged two units of the King off board - that were my 6 points (of course the others had much more kills/points!!!) towards a parlamentarian monarchy, and the end of a wholesome, organic, and vitamin rich (blood) ECW Sunday afternoon battle.

The rules worked a treat and the miniatures were splendid. Of course you could have done all with the Pike&Shotte rules, but then half of the crowd would have had me tarred and feathered ... or were at each others throats because of the interpretation of them rules... haha!

Please enjoy the actual photographical documentary, taken from historical tin-miniatures - no real humans or animals were hurt in the process.

initial set up 
with forrest at the edges!

jolly roundheads

and Cavaliers

and some Scotts

at first the Royalists advanced in the centre
my sector advanced further

supported by lots of cheese crackers

Then the cavaliers chargedin

some Scotts defending some racing grounds ...

and me troops advanced

and shot(t)

and shot the enemy away 
on both sides of my sector

to the point that royalist cavalry had to come and charge me in the flank ...

... without effect, but to withdraw a bit ...

while our cavalry made an more clever stance as it might appear 

the opposing flank charger  got the same of that treatment and the last Royal coins were ours!

Cromwell was happy!


  1. Gorgeosu terrain and armies, what a great looking game, congrats to Cromwell !

  2. At least you have not lost your flanks this time and you also badly beat my units. Congratulations:P

    1. I apologise profoundly! Next time I will be on your side again. Maybe I should play "a flank", that way I (at least one) cannot loose them. :)

  3. I saw this on Bartek's blog too Michael, more wonderful photos here, lovely stuff. Eleven players, what a beauty!