Sunday, 8 March 2015

The "Feuertaufe", Lotti and the dove

Last Thursday Donald and mainly myself were introduced to the Chain of Command rules (WW1 way) by Jack. My 08/15 Fritz platoon (wonderfully painted by Jack) had to break through some abandoned trenches (an ancient piece of table top embellishment left by Angus and Dougie), while a somewhat stormtrooper version of a British platoon did a counter charge.

Well, it went all well apart from the end (a German stereotype, one might think), when I learned the strength of the firepower in CoC and the illusive security of the trench. Maybe also something worth revising, but that might just my first impression, I have to get the rules into my head first.
More about this encounter you might find on (

Another thing we need to revise (in the future) or should aim at is to get more troops on the table!

The next things are some Junior and Senior Leader (miniatures from Great War Miniatures) I finished and introducing "Lotti" the German Tank A7V in front of an Pre-war model of the (Etrich-) Rumpler Taube, who was also the 1st bomber in history, 1910 over Ain Zara in Libya.

Gefreiter Egon and Leutnant Wilhelm

Egon and Wilhelm chasing a female ...

the malteser cross enlarged out of convenience

Lotti's best side

Lotti‘s epilog

The balsa model of the "Etrich" taube
My men trying and dying to reach the safety of the trench
the shellshocked remnants cowering in the dirt


  1. Lotti looks very nice, love the markings, however I still believe that the 1:48th model would be much better than 1:56.

    1. Thanks, Bart – maybe if we need an additional Heidi or Gretchen.

  2. Lotto looks really good. Looking forward to pushing those damm Frogs from the table in her company.

    1. Thanks, Jack, maybe Campbell needs to think about more than acquiring "a" flamethrower ... what was the name of that "reception-bell-on-caterpillars" ... FT .. something?