Saturday, 31 October 2015

The French Archer - second take

I couldn't help myself and had to dive into the Perry light Cavalry box. The French Archers (mounted) are somewhat of an ongoing thing and I'm torn between some nod towards some historical accurateness and some reusability (if that is a word) of the minis to other units, to say, just mounted archers (the reason why I keep all my Horse on single bases).

I'm also not sure how to flag them, if I should imbue one of the "old" Foundry lancers with a French banner and or maybe the spear bearer with an Italian one, but then I can't use him as French Archer.

The fact that the infos about them are a bit, hm, diverse (not to speak of any rules), does make this my ongoing project.  ... I just wanted to share.

the whole lot

The spear bearer as an banner alternative maybe?

bow strings

Captain of the lot

The Mad Gascoigne 
The fashionable French with Pilou moustache

Another Hipster (arabised helmet) with Asian Appaloosa heritage horse

some of the old crossbow I kept

The Argulet that always looks into the camera

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Massacre at Bart's Farm AWI Black Powder - Hessian Rapport!

We decided to have a little AWI bash, Black Powder style, to get people into a campaign mood - (I have to e-mail the stats, cause nobody can be bothered with a concise army organisation, but to this in another post).

Angus stepped in for the Brits and Bart tried out the Rebels, and I played the Hessians goal was to destroy the enemy. The militia was extra hardcore (nobody diced for wavering!!!). The rebels had an engineering unit and could have built an additional 12" of fortifications, but they failed to keep the Brits away long enough.

The Americans had the start and fanned out to both flanks and reaching for the stonewall of the farm. Then the British advanced and the Hessian dashed prematurely into the American right flank. A fierce fire fight and some bloody melee took place, taking both side 2 line units, but the Americans could afford the losses.

On the British right Angus was shooting what the barrels could hold and also killed native scouts as well as Rebel riflemen. He actually took the Farm in the centre of the battlefield, so we had some good position.

But all unravelled, as Bart's American Sniper 6-pounder battery had the chance to wither down my Hessian flank unpunished - The Hessians were dissolving. Angus sent me the 17th Dragons to somehow stabilise it but that was too late I guess (so of course it was all his fault, even though the British rapport will probably blame the Germans - how unfair!!!).

The last British Grenadier Bayonet charge pretty much hit Bart's left flank quite hard, but then we had to pack up. Unit score-wise it was for the Brits 4:2, but in the long run the Rebels could have rolled up the Hessian flank and withered down the British with their cowardly fire. So we agreed on a draw with a tactical victory for the Americans. It shows what can happen, if you let the rebels shoot at you for too long AND if your charging too early.

The Battle order at the start, Rebels have 1st turn!

The dashing American left flank advances

Unbelievable, the Hessians advancing!!! even quicker than the British!

The British take position at the stonewall of Barts Farm

view from the Hessian guns

The British Light moves forward!

The Grenadiers massing behind the Line

The Hessian Grendadiers die but they don't retreat!

The view of the excellent American gunners

The American left flank trying to hold cohesion before the oncoming attack

The American Dragoons dashing around some hills - always

The crumbling Hessian flank on the retreat

Barts Farmhouse has finally fallen to the Crown

Pretty much at the end of the battle, crows view

Final British Bayonet charge

Monday, 26 October 2015

Re-ordering my Renaissance

I did a roll call of my Renaissance armies, (as grown up boys sometimes do) and came to the conclusion, that I should up them up, so that I can field 9er (9 4x4s, i.e. 36 figures per) pike blocks. Maybe I will still field the skirmisher in 12er and the Horse in 12er or 6er depending on the unit. I would aim for 4 pike blocks per side (even if I don't know how to transport them then).

The French would have a 12er Gendarmes, a 12er Archers, a 12er Men-a-arms; and two 6er Stradioti. The pikes would be 1 Landsknecht and 2 Swiss (each 9) One block still not decided ... , The Swiss would go with two 12er Halberdiers, one 12er Crossbow (and Pavises) and a 12er Arquebusiers. 

The Imperials would have 12er Gendarmes, 12er Men-at-arms, 6er Mounted Handgunners and 6er Mounted Crossbows. The pikes would be so far two 48er (large) Landsknecht pike blocks, two 12er Arquebusiers, a 12er Doppelsöldner and a 12er Spanish Swordmen. The guns I would divide per scenario. 

Next on the list will be maybe a Spanish block with arquebusiers? Or a large Swiss block? A lot of work ahead, so I started to rebase my Landsknecht pike fronts and the Swiss. I also  will do some more Command vignettes... and the list will grow longer and longer ...

Thursday, 8 October 2015

1916 - Pre-Skaggerak

We were in for a treat. Me and Bart on the German High Sea Fleet trying to get to one port and (for one hour) "burn" it down and then get back towards odd Willhemshafen. Bart agreed, after some initial protest, to be the German Admiral, as he had more experience with Navy battles against Campbell and Bill (playing here the Royal Navy). Angus was jumping in as the umpire.

First we had to plan our sortie to a British Port and we managed right from the start to not even get there but to destroy the port! Then we went back and the Royal Navy missed us within 10 miles and we played the Battle cruiser meeting of the two vanguards. Operationally we had already won.

Bart had a plan (very German!! Obacht!) and we entered in a large angle to the Royal Navy in two rows and then performed a encompassing turn on each side, much like the Zulu's bulls horn (for a lack of shorter descriptive).

We were the first to fire - and hit! Then Bart was flanking the British and I was turning aside to their line of battle and we fired again! Bart's main ship got hit in the turret and exploded. Bills two ships got hit in a turret and exploded as well, basically when I was coming back with the pints from the bar, half of the fleet was already gone!!

Following that, I drew nearer to Campbell and shot two other ships down, turret explosions or something.

My Ships were in a state of disarray, but still able to deal out damage, but Campbell's line of misery was slugging home, either above or below the waves. What respiring blow against the evil internationally condemned British Naval blockade, the true killer of civilians! But I didn't mentioned that at the bar (Royal Navy club, you know!)

It was an absolute pleasure, even if we had to play the Germans, haha! The rules were of American origin and lacked the obligatory nod towards the British, which was refreshing.

the Hexa playground of the former Avalon Hill game

The German fleet enter

The Royal Navy enter

We do the pirouette and got hit ...

... but the Royals got hit harder!

The Boche are closing in!

The Brits blow up again! German point of view

The British Line

The High Fleet is Shadowing the Royals

What is left of the Royal Navy

The Main ship still moving!

.. after the Brits decide to leave...