Sunday, 4 October 2015

Maybe not so "strictly" 28mm anymore

I'm back from a two weeks 'break' working in Vienna, where I had the chance to visit the Albertina (Munch, Kubin and Schiele) and the Imperial chambers in Habsburg style. Lots of K. and K. Coffee-hoses and Caffees. The cuisine is rich and very good ... but enough is enough.

I  always wanted to go smaller in scale and then bigger in battle, more units. Also maybe the last chance for nice uniforms, dashing cavalry attacks, albeit totally useless, modern fire power, grand scale strategies, the industrialisation changing the way wars were fought, uniforms trying to capture old glory ... and of course, the pickel haube.


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    1. I know it took a while... "Gut Ding braucht gut weil, ein Furz ist kein Pfeil!"