Saturday, 31 October 2015

The French Archer - second take

I couldn't help myself and had to dive into the Perry light Cavalry box. The French Archers (mounted) are somewhat of an ongoing thing and I'm torn between some nod towards some historical accurateness and some reusability (if that is a word) of the minis to other units, to say, just mounted archers (the reason why I keep all my Horse on single bases).

I'm also not sure how to flag them, if I should imbue one of the "old" Foundry lancers with a French banner and or maybe the spear bearer with an Italian one, but then I can't use him as French Archer.

The fact that the infos about them are a bit, hm, diverse (not to speak of any rules), does make this my ongoing project.  ... I just wanted to share.

the whole lot

The spear bearer as an banner alternative maybe?

bow strings

Captain of the lot

The Mad Gascoigne 
The fashionable French with Pilou moustache

Another Hipster (arabised helmet) with Asian Appaloosa heritage horse

some of the old crossbow I kept

The Argulet that always looks into the camera


  1. Very nice Michael! So now we need to test them into the battle.

    1. Thanks, Bart! Of Course, superstition tells us two things, firstly, only the well painted armies fight well and secondly, at the first game they are always crap.

  2. They look great, maybe try removable flags on tube virtually all the units can fight for almost everyone at this period, I know that's what I intend to do with my Spanish, landsknechts and french/Swiss all the best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain! I'll probably do a mix, Landsknechte on tubes, Swiss and Gendarmes fixed ...

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