Sunday, 29 June 2014

RELAPSE!!! Beware of the summer gap!

Inbetween a wedding and a computer crash and an infectious evening at the club watching other players going for a Warhammer (fantasy) campaign/battles, I decided put up a Warhammer fantasy game for the next time! Yes, admittedly a guilty pleasure (hence the"Garden of Earthly Delights" from Bosch in the background), or maybe so as I had to dust some of my figures and hunt for some old tomes. I don't know which edition, my guess would be 6 or 7. So I found some old and used army sheets with a set up of 2500pt Empire vs the same in Orcs. I think I have to re-learn the rules also...

the only well designed night goblins in the right size

Monsier Rudlug in two appearances before and after anabolica

A green tohuwabohu

Some gothic looking empire priests

If you can't find the door bell

there might be elves in the dark

A boar-rider with gloss-laminated reflection flag


  1. Great pics, love this building and the beautiful minis...

    1. Thanks Phil, they are from my old GW collection...