Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Trading Post - AWI scenario (Black Powder) Next

An AWI scenario for next Thursday with Black Powder rules

The americans hold a little trading post, while the British reconnaissance force (dragoons and pickets) spotted them. Every side is calling for reinforcements and soon the battle evolves.
This time we will operate with different sized units (and different qualities of course) as well as the Post is an old one and maybe being subject to prolonged gunfire may crumble...

One side will be
Paul (the Greek) and Matt
and the other will be
Paul (the Irish) and his Friend
and I will be (untypical) umpire or side last minute with the winner, haha!

British stats and useful rules

American stats and useful rules

The Deployment


  1. Michael,
    If you want a game I could join in. I can bring along 2 Associator units 6 bases each and a light detachment of 12 infantry for the Yanks. And the same for the Brits

  2. Yeahey! Why not! We've got 3 commanders on each side then!!!. The 2 associators would be similar to the militias 24 mini, 5,3,5+,3stamina, but not neg useful ules.
    the line would be 12 minis,4,2,4+,3stam, skirmisher, mauradeurs.
    but then you have to bring 3 units of brits as well. 16 is understrength (h2h -1), 20-24 is full, 24+ is Large.

    4:0, 4:0, 4:0 btw!



  3. Same for the Brits. 2 x24 & 1x12. Can do 1 Tory in green and 1 Brunswick or 2 Brunswick and either natives or Rangers for the lights. The Associators are 24 strong

  4. 1 tory and 1 brunswick and natives for the lights please! :)