Friday, 20 June 2014

The Trading Post - What really happened

Paul the Greek and the dice muse Matt, were defecting the American camp and deserting towards Brazil (Football probably). So I had to take side and join the Rebels with the aide of our club finance minister. Paul, the Irish, and Jack took the sides of the redcoats.

I provided all the toys apart form the delicately painted Philadelphia Associators, the Brunswickers and some Indians (Iroquos).

After a good start of not moving and defending the fort with our beer in our hands, the Brits made good advance and came nearer to our total surprise. Our cunning plan was to wait and to shoot them down.

I even ordered my dragoons to a balaclava attack on the enemies cavalry (and artillery), but I failed (as I didn‘t reach the target and didn‘t get annihilated in the end.

Then the Grenadiers after a severe ballistic mauling of the fort and its inhabitans came forward with their polished bayonet and swiped the defending famous blue/brown coated Continentals.

Our plan unravelled as we shot less good than the Brits did and suddenly they were amassing in front of our troops for no good reason.

So I did the only responsible and called out for a truce, as this was rejected, I offered instantly unconditional surrender.

The trading post gets some visitors
The British line aiming for the Americans

The Rebels hiding behind rotten walls

The Iroquos attack the Mohaks

The Fort slowly crumbles

The German flank moves forward

The British Grenadiers successfully perform a bayonet attack on the garrison

" De Hesse komme!" 
At the end of a long day under the pressure of too much casulties the American General  declares quickly unconditional surrender

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