Friday, 6 June 2014

The Battle of Coutras - 1587

The Battle of Coutras, fought on 20 October 1587, was a major engagement in the French Religious Wars between a Huguenot (Protestant) army under Henry of Navarre (the future Henry IV of France) and a royalist army led by Anne, Duke of Joyeuse. Henry of Navarre was victorious, Joyeuse was killed while attempting to surrender.

And so it was, ... just this time the Duke didn‘t even have time to surrender, my CnC was dead on the first charge.

We played the refight of the battle of Coutras, me the „Irish“ Paul (as umpire), Jack and Matt (as my flanking Infantry Brigadiers) against Jim (as Henry) and Paul „the Greek“ (as his Forester Brigadier). What wonderful occasion and spectacle that was. We used piquet rules and a strictly scenario meticulously researched by Paul.

In the historical past his Dukeship just appeared with his finest out of the woods in en haye formation and charged.

After some long elongated discussions and a hot debate in our war council, Jack and Matt and me came to the only sound conclusion - to do the same. As its rather tricky to get the strategic cards one needs for his tactics, we just went for it. So the battle progressed, quite reasonably well, even though I was quite miserably with my initiative rolls (less pips - less things you can do).

So I came near to the milling Henry (who was poor leader at this very day and milling around with his millers ...  maybe syphilis or a bad hang-over). Then he charged – aaand in the ensuing fight (both units at maximum d12+3, Jim rolled a 12 and I rolled a 1) the duke got killed and the army morale collapsed and the rest of the "recovering catholics" went home. "Finita la musica".

All in all it was a very good club game, and I hope there will be a renaissance of the renaissance.

After initial deployment and some turns ...

The view from the Boogenots

The hidden sharpshooters from Paul "the Greek"

Jack‘s infantry finally moving

The battle lines "seconds" before the clash

Dark clouds gather as the fist unit hits the millers

And were sent home by the Millers
The last picture of the Anne alive and his retainers


  1. Nice report, your armies are splendid!

  2. Thank you very much, but I must humbly admit that just the "catholic" gendarmes were of my contingent. The utmost right men-at-arms (of the second pic) are Jack‘s and the complete rest was Paul‘s ("the Irish").

    1. So congrats to Jack, Paul...and Michael, for these armies!

  3. Great report! I specially love that part: "Jim rolled 12 and I 1" :D Love the situation like this!

    1. Yes, a resounding short and brutal bash. Of course there is always the hope that one day, I will roll the 12 and Bart will roll a 1. :)