Saturday, 19 April 2014

AWI campaign final battle set up

We will have clear weather and 75% wood coverage (a road cutting through with maybe some pockets or one larger corridor).

The British will have the 1st move.

The Americans:(one commander at staff rating 9)
Three Continental Line (one of them will be untested)
One French Line (but untested)
One additional Continental Line (last Game‘s victory)
Two Militias units
one gun
a small unit of Dragoons
one small unit of Riflemen
and a small unit of Natives
Total 11 units

Paul can delay one unit of mine for 2 turns and has the 'Speech' card (break tests+1 until 4-6 is rolled at the end of a complete turn). He also has a 'Village or Farm' and a 'Strategic hill' and a 'Fortified position'.

The British:(one commander at staff rating 7)
One  unit of Grenadiers (elite)
Two units of guards (Line upgraded to elite)
one Line (untested)
One unit of Light  Infantry
One gun
Total 6 units

I got a 'Village or a Farm', a ‘Fortified position', and a 'Delayed enemy' as well as 2x 'Scouts ahead', 'Huzza Enfilade' (25% can deploy on opponents flank) and 'Lost Depeche' (complete redeployment).

Interesting set up indeed, last man standing will win the battle and the campaign if not the war.

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