Friday, 25 April 2014

The Final Battle at the Hidden Hamlet (First Part)

The Americans just arrived at the Hamlet, when they ran into a full British Reconnaissance en force! ... I heard that before, hm.

The Deployment was a bit tricky for Paul. Albeit he had nearly double the units I had, but just half the quality.

He had to deploy first and then I could re-deploy with all my six units, 3 of them Elites. And I could get 2 near to his front as "Scouts", aaand I could get one unit in his "flank" as an 'Enfilade' – Reconnaissance en force!
Paul tried to circumvent this half-way-ish by deploying all the way on the longer edge. That way I wouldn't get a real attack to his side but just a unit which can be 12" in front of his deployment line, a third "scouting" unit so to speak, all I wanted.

The real problem for Paul was that I had aaalso the 1st turn. I would hit hard, and I did.

Also Paul had delayed my Grenadiers and I had delayed his French for two turns. 

Matt, Pauls dice throwing muse,  decided as his Brigadier in his absence that the French will come in at the flank where I concentrated the attack... hmmm. thank you.

On the other side, I had Richard guarding my centre or simple the rest of my oblique order, while he decided to attack the oncoming riflemen and natives and press forward with my only cannon - ouch!

All in all an hell of a terrific battle (yes, with Black Powder, hört, hört!)

The only downside was that my American red "Waistcoats" got their bayonets bent (probably Paul got scared and got a fit and they fell while deploying...)

End of Deployment

The Natives and the Riflemen "visiting" a farm ...
The American Brigadier tries to dislodge disorder markers by voodoo
The British attack

The Riflemen run followed by Natives

The American centre

The view of the British gunners and unsanctioned manoeuvers

Cramped conditions in the American camp

The American Continentals watch with horror the British onslaught

The moment we stopped ...

P.S. I wished we would have played with the army morale rules ...

P.P.S. Richards Brigade had one casualty ... (I forgot on the map)


  1. Great looking maps, terrain, figures, and very nice write-up...excellent work Michael, as usual!

  2. Thank you Phil! Hopefully I will have enough luck to win the battle!