Friday, 4 April 2014

Habsburg versus Valois (Piquet)

This time it was Renaissance. Paul (the other Paul, i.e. not the Paul who is playing AWI ... its getting confusing now) had come up with a some Valois vs Habsburg set up and we were playing or being introduced to ‘Piquet‘!  We, being me, and Richard, who took over partly the French side.

It was after a long time, that I was able to get my Landsknechte out of their boxes to play!!!  (fight, fight, I meant fight!)

The opinion about Piquet being divided amongst the generous internet community, I can say after this evening, I like my marmite and I like Piquet. The game started and slow and continued to do so, but that was just down to my fried brain after a hard days work.

So I played the Austrians (unusually moaning about everything ...) against many many French, including heavy Swiss pikemen, some light guns, lots of French, even Spanish Cavalry and the dreaded Gen-d‘armes d‘Ordonnance.

First turn, doh! ... Initially the Swiss could‘t make progress, while my Maximillian Ordonnace put the proverbial holes into the Swiss – Cheese! Then some Arquebusiers got busy and the French Archer tried a flank attack -  failed and got told off by some not so-tough elite landsknecht pikemen. The Cavalry on my left flank tried some manoeuvres, but wash‘t successful as their General was still learning the ropes.

I think at the end we agreed that the continuing of the battle would have ended in an holy-roman-imperial-of-german-national victory (to avoid the a-word).

I like to do that again, lets hope for more renaissance games at the club!

See also more imagery at Jacks blog:

The Landsknechts (Lunds-c‘nachz) face the infamous Swiss

The Swiss

The Swiss attack

And the Maximillian Artillery respond

The Graf  Schenkenberg‘s men-at-arm and Reiter

The heavy guns are able to reload

and shoot again at the Swiss – Ouch!

Some pikemen making disrespectful remarks about the Swiss

The Swiss come nearer

The French Archer go off command and approach the pike in the flank 

The Landsknechts turn face and counter attack

"French" archer been told off – to the amusement of  some venerable members of the club


  1. Excellent, excellent looking pictures, these armies are colored and beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Phil, the Landsknechte were naturally from myself (of course all Perry ) and the the French were provided by Paul.