Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Battle at Creeky Mill (Part four - conclusion)

This was the longest battle we fought, not only in the campaign.

The three previous battle segments left the British struggling to get over the river and to get a grip with the opponent, things went from bad to worse and in the third part Paul did something that seemed to be something near to an all-out american attack on the centre barn where the Grenadiers were holding out and attracting all the fire, but to no avail.

His General was with a badly beaten Line rallying near to the said barn. A possibility to end the battle now then and there passed away as Paul did the unthinkable in the 1st turn of the (4th week) battle last Thursday: He retreated again!

The rest of the battle saw a whirlwind of action, as the British finally crossed in total the river and two fights began at the same time. On the left flank the fight around the barn and the bridgehead and on the right the attack and battle over the yard.

Pauls trademark an attack of his cavalry finished the hopes of the British to hold something as a centre or a left flank. The fight over the yard was a reflection of the tremendous thrilling pace of the whole last part. His French Lines tried to finish the Jaegers, failed and in turn were shot to pieces by British line and Artillery. Then the Grenadiers tried a let all-out attack on the right flank towards the crumbling militias of the seemingly disintegrating American flank. The Militia counterattacked failed to break the grenadiers. 

Then came the decisive moment a flank grapeshot of the British artillery into the American shaken Militia … they stood their ground!!! The Grenadiers failed to take the last American Line (from that flank) and from then on it the British cohesion was unravelling, too many units were lost that the 90 degree turn of the battle could be possible be won. The American Guard dragoons were sweeping up my tried and tested troops. I lost again!

Paul has now 5 victory points, I got 4, (both won and lost 3 battles).
The last one will give 4 VPs and will decide it all. 

The Americans do attack ...?

The British Bridgehead in full view of the American guns

The Stockbridge Indians finally arrive at the "Creepy Mill" Inn

The British centre - The Hessians hold!

The American retreat!

The battle over the barns start

The French line dies and the British right flank attacks

The Grenadiers attack the barn

The Militia enfilading the Grenadiers

The American dragoons sweep it all up!

The Artillery close up flanking grapeshot ...

The weakened Grenadiers try their best ...

... but the American flank does not fall. End of Game.


  1. A beautiful conclusion! It's always a pleasure to look at this kind of table, splendid terrain and buildings ("Creepy Mill" is very impressive), and , of course, minis! Love the dragoon charge too!

  2. Thank you, Phil! (terrain etc. is SESWC owned, minis are all mine) I‘d like to think, we developed over the months some wargaming equivalent of a "slow-food" culture here. :)