Thursday, 17 April 2014

Italian Wars - Pike&Shotte test game

We did the Eve of Battle preparation for the last AWI game in our little campaign to come, but then I just could not stand by and watch other play their  games, I had to bring my own toys!

So I set up a small sparring game: 

Paul got the French with a bit more cavalry, two Landsknecht units as mercenaries, Landsknechts Zweihänder, 2 light guns and one medium cannon (Rothschlange) and two units of Gendarmes d‘Ordonnance, 2 units of man-at-arms/archer/ coustilliers kind of‘s and 1 unit of 'crossbowed' cavalry;

We just presumed that the French were hiring Bremen and Augsburg contingents and had the luck that some two-handed mercenaries from Saxony were eager for money ...

On the Imperial side were my typical Nürnberg and Memmingen pike blocks, two Scharfmetzen (heavy artillery) and the Spanish hired swords under my command and Richard had the joy of being responsible of the whole German cavalry (2 units of Gendarmes and two units of Men-at-arms).

No plans, no tactics, just simple forward and attack. 
First we came nearer and then more ore less all clashed together ... the feared French Gendarmes were under-performing and out-fought by their German counter parts, the Imperial Landsknecht pikes did the same (under-performing), and were flank-attacked by the French archers. 
Thats when the complete German centre dissolved and the battle was over. Nice to mention that the Spanish Swords were harder to kill than every body thought they would be.

All in all, again a nice little Renaisance game at the SESWC, this time with slightly altered pike&shotte rules. Lets hope there will be more of this... there is certainly room for improvement!

The Imperials attack - but the nobles won‘t follow

The German Gendarmes and Men-at- arms

The French battleline

the French and German Cavalry Charge at each other

the Pike blocks collide - Bad War indeed!

The French Cavalry flank

The French Gendarmes with their Locotenant

The Imperial counter part

The Kaiser left to his own devices after his pikes went down

The German Men-at-arms

The Clash of the Gendarmes

The Spanish Swords held out the longest!

The Imperials offer terms ...


  1. Nice! This blog definitely needs more Italian Wars.
    Nicely painted figures, though 24-man pike blocks look... well, they're ok-ish, but try 36 (6x6) and you'll see the difference ;)
    (having said that, for bigger battles with more blocks, 24 in 6x4 will certainly be easier to handle. As long as they are based 4x4 on equal frontage, you'll have all bases covered OH THE PUN!)

    1. Hi Matheo, I humbly recognise the greater beauty of the 36 (indeed my future goal), but due to pecuniary as well as logistical issues, I resorted to 24, as I wanted at least 2 pikes at each side. This only shows again that more pikes are needed at the club... ;)

  2. Great looking armies, colorful and very impressive, I love your Gendarmes...

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for the compliment. As above, my aim is to get more attention to the Italian Wars in the club. As they say, the more the merrier.

  3. Looks like a great game, the armies look superb arrayed for battle!

  4. It was indeed. Pike&Shotte this time, but there are more options/suggestions in the fray (Impetus, Piquet, Spanish Fury). ... lot more to test...